Every morning that you wake up and as you gaze into the sky

Your heart will dance just like a butterfly

And nothing else means more to me

That knowning someday you will see

Everything you ever dreamed you'd be?


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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
New journal Site!!!!!

Guys..I have change my journal site! Due to this $*(*&*^%& no good blog...never wants to upload the photos that i have loaded in here!!!..... *swearing....!!!!!* *lolz* My new Journal Site!!!!

Posted at 11:58 pm by starzgalaxy
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Wednesday, March 03, 2004
...Tell me one more time...Why your heart cannot be mine?...

It's Wednesday today!!!! Been a GREAT WEEK...met my friends in the morning for a jog just now, im lousy only jog 3 rounds, after that went home bath..then back to sleep....freaking tired!!!! it's a day to laze around! although, tomorrow, would be the day to start my studying for my new module, since i got the book from marilyn just now!

Alright, end here...gonna eat my dinner! Freaking hungry!!!! and yesh! anyone that can find 'SAY IT ISN'T SO'.... CHORDS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!  I'll give a hug to that person!!!! *awww.....* *ain't im sweet!* wahahaha!!!! shoot! shameless me!!! No no...seriously, i would hug that person! lolz

Posted at 05:16 pm by starzgalaxy
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Sunday, February 29, 2004
//I pick all my skirts be alittle too sexy...

I'm BACK FROM CHALET once more! it's been enjoyable, it's nice.... hehehez.... 2 days in chalet and the first day im feeling under the weather due to the night before, i didn't sleep to study for my exam... took like 2 panadols... Ewww.... i have to BITE the panadol....the BITTERNESS IN MY MOUTH... puking puke puking!

Alright, not gonna post any photos here, *cursing blog*.... hahahahaz..... didn't show any previous photos in here!!! esp. my gareth gates photo!!! for crying out loud, fix this junkie thing will ya!

Beauty and the beast! Disney on Ice! I remember when i was a kid my uncle bought me to watch Disney on Ice...but that that time it was errmmm....let me recall my memories....errm....oopzy! forget... but i think its the 'DISNEY ON ICE'..meaning, no other classic disney story to cover it up the whole show... and this time, gonna watch it with my friends... looking forward for it! Thanks for the ticket Shaun's da jie...

End here, i know it's a short journal, but i guess, this is all u guys need to know, the rest have to be in my personal journal! *evil me* *muahahahaha!!!* all the scandals for the chalet in my journal! *heez*

Posted at 10:54 pm by starzgalaxy
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Thursday, February 26, 2004
:: Sexy Naughty Bitchy ::

Gonna get TATA YOUNG ALBUM, when is out! but first! getting Gareth Gates First album... whahahaha!!! not enough of his songs, cause seems like nowadays, my playlist is alll ABOUT MR. GARETH GATES.... the guy who fancy older, and i really mean OLDER WOMAN.... gosh! are all guys, liking older woman, nowadays?

Right, let's get on with this! Having my exam, tomorrow, 2pm to 5pm... trust me man! i gonna leave the exam room at around 3.30pm...cause i dun think i could be able to PASS this exam, gonna retake it! I got the exam date, mix up! usually, my exams are on Saturday and then it turn out that this module exam is on Friday, sadly, i didn't notice the day of my exam, i just found out in the morning that i got it mix up! lucky, that i didn't went out with friends, can't imagine if i ever did! can't imagine..if i didn't even check my exam confirmation letter....

All my classmates are asleep now...guess all are getting ready for the exam tomorrow... ALL THE BEST GUYS!!! wouldnt be seeing some of them in my next module, cause we are gonna get separate AGAIN! not sure man! i think our class, separate into two is better, BUT THEN, i will be missing my friends over in class B... like, jingyu and aisha... although, i still got melissa, gloria, marilyn, liyan with me! *hehehe* *smileZ*....

After the exam, gonna meet my friends to chalet, YESH! CHALET AGAIN!!!! hahahaha...seems like not enough eh? ACTUALLY! yeah!!!! I can NEVER GET ENOUGH OF CHALETS!!!!!!!! i love chalets!!! esp. with friends that are WHOLE LOTSA FUN!!!!!!!!!!! After tomorrow, gonna enjoy my one week break from school!!!!

Posted at 11:55 pm by starzgalaxy
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Wednesday, February 25, 2004
...Never Been a Sinner, I never sinned...I got a friend in Jesus...

Okok...I re-post the photos, up here... IF still unable to view it! Sorry guys! gotta go to the address that i have given below....I'm too LAZY to work this thing out!

* Early in the morning... while we are waiting for a cab to take us home sweet home* *Below*

If you are unable to view the photos, go here..... Chalet's Photos

Posted at 01:28 am by starzgalaxy
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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
[...I get Sentimental...baby please be gentle...]

its MORNING!!! Brand new day with the same old thing to deal with! revise for exam... still stuck on chapter 1... the module [Electronic Media], as my friend, aisha said....''techincal terms''.... anyway, i don't really enjoy writing journal in morning, but because during the night-time, i would be busy, so i better update now... *hehez*

Freaking Noisy HERE! i mean, my house here... cause they are having some contruction thingy, making a new 'LIFT'... FREAKING IDIOTS!!!! early in the morning, 8am....hearing DRILLING SOUNDS.... the noise to my ear!!!! SOMEBODY STAB THEM TO DEATH!!!!!! wahahahaha!!!! nah!!!...im just kidding... so nowadays, i have to hear music by using earphones... haiz....

Been dealing with alot of things, lately...the stress of having the exam this sat... need a person to hug me... Seriously, i cant deal with stress very well... if im stress, then that means IM REALLY STRESSED OUT....

okok... YESTERDAY! went out with my friends in the afternoon, to ice-skating....not sure how many times that i fall on my butt....i think its 'COUNTLESS'... since, they are wanted me to fall so i can learn.... hahaha.... *EVIL THEM*... after that, we went to burger king to have our dinner, then went home... nothing interesting happen though, even if it does... i can't write in here... all have to go to my personal journal... *evil me*... alright! END HERE!... gotta HIT MY BOOKS NOW! if i CAN STUDY, that is!

Posted at 10:38 am by starzgalaxy
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Sunday, February 22, 2004
:: I know you wanna get in the zone, but nobody wanna leave us alone...

Alrighty! Finally got the chalet photos! I'll post them up here!...

Been a great day today, went to church for the 9am service, got friend to fetch me there, so no need to wake up soo early as 6.45am... anyway! not sure, what else shall i update for today....ermm.... oh yea!!!!! the chalet... due that i didnt give enough 'FUN ON THE CHALET'..back for demand!!! these are what we do....

4pm - Meet at bukit batok *West Mall*
5pm / 6pm - Went for dinner *Seafood* :: Yummies!!! ate kinda alot...due to that, i think i gotta go jog jog soon... SOON... if i can get up early in the morning!!!
8pm - Went back to our humble chalet...to have a *cutting* cake session... hahahaha...*SOMEBODY* quite dumb enough to put the cake in the freezer...* (><'') hahahahaha!!! thought it was Angie Choice, cake is it!!!! lolz...
9pm - Watch the channel 8 show, last ep.
10pm - Feeling boring already... so they play poker card games....
11pm - Shaun's da jie, called the KTV lounge to book a room..for singing session...
12midnight - reach there... getting ready to sing sing songs.... hahahaha!!! *last for 3 hours*
3 to 4am - went back to the chalet.... people that are going back to school for the morning, went to sleep first...
4am to break of the morning - in the period of time, played poker cards again, play guitar, make jokes or people becoming the 'joke' itself... one by one wake up, get ready to go home and have a good rest, while the rest, went back to school & work...

not sure, if it is detailed enough! I just wrote what i wrote in my personal journal... Hahahaha...okok..enjoy the photos!

Posted at 11:10 pm by starzgalaxy
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:: As I wish I'd never found you...

Morning!!!! Back from the chalet and Back to REALITY of my life! Went to chalet on Friday, evening meet at 4pm, went to costa sands, although, in a way or so, it's called 'chalet'..means, having a really BIG BBQ SESSION... well... it does went different from us, we went to KTV instead, only booked the chalet room for the shelter for our heads...

Went to KTV at humm....12 midnight, to 3 or 4am in the morning.... *yawnZ*, it was fun and all that, anyway, the mic. don't like my voice pretty much, doesnt 'seems like im singing, whenever, im holding the mic'...hur hur...*fake laughs*, anyway, it's all fun, didnt really sleep much, only feel like sleeping at the KTV, on the way back to chalet and at the chalet...woah...wait a min. seems like, im sleeping in each and every thing... *muahahaha!!!*....alright alright....'I'm WEAK'... freako me!... Gonna post the photos, once my friend sent the photos to me...

this week gonna REALLY PRACTISE GUITAR... die die..have to learn, im thinking of quiting already, since im THAT LAZY to practise... weird though, i can play at home, while outside with the rest, esp. with the presence infront of my guitar teacher, im totally...'USELESS'... maybe because, he is too good-looking! wahahahaha!!! nah!!!! No, no..... not my type.... my type always change...... hahahahahahaha..... now, is only GARETH GATES.... hahahaha.... love him, when he sing 'LIVE'..versions of his songs, man!!! better held a concert in singapore soon, im the first to get the ticket to his concert! listen to this ' During the heats for Pop Idol he was offered a place at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester to study opera'....

Song at the moment...:-

Dance Again - Gareth Gates (ya, him again!* lolz....)

When you need somebody to take away the emptiness
i hope my heart is enough
when youre searching for someone who will understand
i hope its me you will trust

Love is a stranger to you anyway
I wanna mend your broken wings
Make your heart dance again
Make your heart breathe again
Til you believe again whoa
Make your heart dance again
Running free again
Through fields of green again whoa
Just give me half a chance 
To make your heart dance

Its never too late 
Dont give it all up so easily
Just cos your hearts out of love 
Dont you stop dreaming 
Dont turn your back and walk away
And all is not lost

Ill play you a song only words can sing
I wanna med your broken wings


Every morning that you wake up and gaze into the sky
Your heart will dance just like a butterfly
And nothing else means more to me
And maybe someday you will see
Everything you ever dreamed you'd be

Chorus to end

Posted at 01:25 am by starzgalaxy
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Friday, February 20, 2004
Blinded by the Sorrow....

Going out soon to meet friends, going for erica's chalet...which gladly sponsor by shaun's da jie... lucky birthday girl *erica's b'day on 27th Feb* , but she is going to malaysia on that day, so we celebrate for her earlier...*

School was alright today, just have to do my part in the group work, which hopefully, i will finish it up by this saturday, otherwise, people will start 'talking'.... me LAZY... ya, didn't contribute alot in the project itself, feeling guilty about it... anyway, i just do my part, finish up the assignment, then start my revision this monday, after the exam, one week break..time for me to concentrate on my dance stuffz... and then the starting of one of my fave. subject during my Diploma. level that time! YEA! it is Psychology..aka.. 'Behavioral Science'... analysis different people, their cultures, behaviours, personalities... awesome man!!!

Alright, end here! I'll post photos tomorrow or  just update the 'HAPPENINGS' in the chalet!!! Gonna PACK MY BAG NOW! take care! God Bless!!!

^^ Busted ^^

Posted at 02:06 pm by starzgalaxy
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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Go Your Own Way...

Sha, the sweetest girl this month! *hehez* she help me to burned gareth gates new album with the help from Melissa, another classmate of mine, she is sweet too! hahahaha...wait...wait....too much 'sweet' can be 'OVERDOSE'...later got diabetes... wahahaha!!!

Been quite a 'WEDNESDAY'... mostly, my friends, went M.I.A!!! hahahaha... come on! guys...HELLO!!! *WAVE TO THE AIR*...anyone? friends, my fellowship! lolz...  anyway! nothing much happening today, only american idol gonna be shown on television later! gonna watch it!

Enough Of Me - Gareth Gates

I'm not your everyday average celebrity
I don't complain about the life I live
And I appreciate the lovin' that your showin' me
I believe what you give is what you get
Everytime they wanna bring the heat
I flash a smile at the paparazzi
All my life I always dreamt of this
So you know I'm embracing it

Oh yeah
Everybody wants a piece of me
To get a glimpse of the life I lead
If you wanna see, If I'm down
There's enough of me, to go around
You might see me as a superstar
But I don't even drive a fancy car
Keepin' both feet, on the ground
There's enough of me to go around

I never hesitate if you want an autograph
I'll go and sign my name across your heart
So quote me wrong all day the only thing I'll do is laugh
You write the script you know I'll play the part

Everytime they wanna bring the heat
I flash a smile at the paparazzi
All my life I always dreamt of this
So you know I'm embracing it

Everybody wants a piece of me
To get a glimpse of the life I lead
If you wanna see, If I'm down
There's enough of me, to go around
You might see me as a superstar
But I don't even drive a fancy car
Keepin' both feet on the ground
There's enough of me to go around

I got more than enough to give
What's the use in holding back
I've only got one life to live
I'm gonna make the best of all I have
And share myself in everyway I can

Everybody wants a piece of me
To get a glimpse of the life I lead
If you wanna see, If I'm down
There's enough of me, to go around
You might see me as a superstar
But I don't even drive a fancy car
Keepin' both feet on the ground
There's enough of me to go around

Posted at 06:05 pm by starzgalaxy
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